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At LogistiCare, our mission is to empower passionate people to provide quality access to human and health care services through technology, innovation, and community partnerships while meeting commitments to our stakeholders.

Our relationships with clients, members, and the community are the foundation of our business, and we treat every interaction, program, and ride with compassion, respect, and a human touch. It’s the reason why more states trust us with their business and members than any other manager.

We demonstrate our commitment to members in countless ways. Here are just a few:

Innovative Technology: We use the latest fleet monitoring technology to gauge traffic flow and track our members’ rides before, during, and after pick up to help them get to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible.

Stringent Oversight: Members can be assured that drivers and vehicles have undergone a strict credentialing process, including vehicle inspections, driver and attendant background checks and screening, and surprise field monitoring checks to assure our riders experience safe and reliable transportation at all times.